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Get To Know Unus Solum

Alliances of the World (1830) by KingWillhamII

Not much is known about the past of Unus Solum. What is known is scattered and fractured. Unus Solum was a planet that was Subject to colonization efforts. The Arc ships that came were preparing to colonize the land when the unexpected happened. It is unknown what caused the Ships to crash but fortunately the Terraformers were able to make the planet habitable before the colonist were left to fend for themselves.

Eventually over the period of thousands of years some of the people of Unus Solum have developed complex societies with progressive Ideals, and some hold on to the monarchies of yesterday. Despite all the progress old grudges still hold and the anger is rising. If there is one human constant, conflict, and that holds no matter where they are.

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Air Fortress Grand Battlemap: Turn 4 by KingWillhamII
In Aztlan, front has continued to be relatively slow, due in large part to the non mechanised armies and poor infrastructure.

The Expeditionary Air Force did the South Arcean Empire proud, easily bringing the Quadruple Alliance's entire airforce to heel. The South Arcean's easily neutralised their opponents without single loss, or even a damaged airship or fighter for that matter. Conversely, the Quadruple Alliance force saw all lives lost in the conflict, including the entire crew of their capitol ship the AAF Mahkaskwâw.

Nordvestian Front: Turn 4 by KingWillhamII

The beginning of spring saw a massive surprise Royal League offensive. Over the course of the week conflict opened across almost all Sektor's on the front.

The IMH, or the Imanian National Guard, has led a successful attack on the Konchinentaru's Central Army. Gendo Ho and his Konchinentaru forces did however manage to retreat and will be able to pull off the continent if Hathor wishes for them to do so. Ayla Binici's IMH force took 109 casualties over the course of the battle. Losses were substantially worse for Gendo Ho's force, with 549 lives lost. Albeit, given that any forces were survive given Gendo's force was outnumbered 88 to 1, this could be considered the best case scenario...

Kisvarda saw heavy fighting. A force of 455 Karelian Skytespil under Oberst Danika Rask sent to liberate the city met a force of roughly  40 tanks and men of the Luftmarines Task Force Ramen. The Luftmarines fought bravely, wiping out more than half of Rask's force,  in combat in and around the city. Ultimately however, the greatly outnumbered elite force was defeated by the Karelian conscripts., albeit not without taking 246 Karelian's with them.

The air battle over the Konchinentru Shogunate centred around the Moezandzak fleet under Generalmajor Zora Bobal. Battlegroup Donburi's attached cyclone brigade managed to intercept the fleet. In a fierce skirmish, the cyclone brigade was defeated by the fleets FI-9 squadron, at a loss of 18 aircraft for the Cordellians.  The Shirudo's 8th fleet, nicknamed "Takeda", was defeated handily, with the airfortress's DRS Stanaveno and DRS Rezolutni leading the Cordellian charge. The Konchinentaru's Northern and Southern airfront combined to try and hold off the Cordellian force but were easily dispatched.  In all, almost 150 airships and fighters were defeated by the Moezandzak fleet in just 20 days. In Moezand, a public holiday has been declared in Zora Bobal and her fleet's honour.

The island of T'surgo saw a particularly odd conflict. 33 Cambrian STO were deployed onto the island without being intercepted by the KSN's 10th fleet. The KSO were then engaged by the 8th Armsmen Engines Unit of the KGA. In a bloody but brief battle, the STO unit were forced to retreat with only 3 survivors. The 8th Armsmen however were left with a single operational DT-90...

The Karelian capture of Aki was more or less one sided. A 62 strong detachment of Avansert  and Air Dragoons managed to take the town quickly and with no losses of equipment or life. Fire from the Airfortress CRN Madsen Blinde managed to knock out most of the 5th Armoured Engines Unit's tanks. It made the job of the 7th Argyll Avansert and 2nd Cournagorm Dragoons rather easy, but a clean sweep is a clean sweep.

The counterattack at Aki was massive. However, Generalmajor Irenka Kolar of the Talingrodzak fleet was confident that she could manage the situation, given the vast quantity of modern airfortress's accompanying her. The Shirudo force, a total of 7 fleets, less than the hoped 11, teased the Talingrodzak force into a fight. They were not disappointed, as Kolar flew her force out. The initial engagement shaw Shirudo Skyfighters take on the Covenian and Karelian Adders. The Shirdo won this engagement, taking out nearly the entire accompaniment of 400 fighters, taking down or disabling 399. Unfortnately, this was the end of the success. Repeated attempts to take advantage of this early win saw most of the Shirudo Skyfighters destroyed. Attempts by the fleets to enter gun range were proved suicidal. After two weeks of combat the Shirudo had lost 88, 000 lives. The Karelians had not lost a single airship...

The first conflict around Ulsa took place between Oberst Horknic's forces and those of the Konchinentaru's Army Group A. The battle was quick and decisive. The more advanced Karelian force, under supporting fire from the DRS Sanoveno, easily overran the Konchinentaru force, storming their command posts and sending any remaining forces routing and broken, desperately falling back to Ulsa.

Horknic's forces were ultimately stopped at the second line of defence, manned by the Shirudan "Donburi" task force under Offu Asumei. While they initially had momentum, the speed of their advance into enemy territory saw them stretch their supplies to the brink, something that the Shirudo were able to take advantage of an maximise. Ultimately, 429 Karelian Skytespil were killed in the assault. Shirudo losses were still greater however, with 581 Armsmen lost. None the less, the Karelians were stopped. For now.

Unfortunately, this victory was short lived. The second wave led by Oberst Ostergaard were ultimately able to ovverun the Shirudan task forces's position, forcing there remaining 148 of the original 1144 Armsmen to pull back to Ulsa.

The initial royal league assault on Ulsa led by Royal League Avansert was cleared by the Konchinentaru Group B. This ensured that the Shirudan Donburi Force and Konchinentauy Army Group A's survivors had a safe route of retreat.  After two weeks of fighting, the Moezandzak fleet is now above Ulsa, using its hard-fought air superiority to shell the city day and night. Ostergaard's troops have surrounded the Konchinentaru capitol, while Hedberg, Grav, Musil and Binici's forces are beginning to reinforce.

Meanwhile, the forces of Archer Europa landed unopposed on the Shirudan home-islands, taking Bongoono without a single shot. They have now encircled Usa, hoping to convince the 10th Armsman to surrender.

The Imanian FPHK also liberated Fordspoint unopposed.

Air Fortress Southern Theater: Turn 4 by KingWillhamII

Elsewhere, the Restoration Army have continued their expansion, albeit with some major roadblocks. Two divisions of air cavalry were nearly stopped by the “Train Workers Railforce” in Rastplatz. Ultimately, a handful of tanks, supported by the airfortress RAA Donnerkopf managed to overcome the oddly well equipped union turned military force.

In Eisenstadt however, the RA saw a significant setback. The EATUPF (Eisenstadt Aequalist Teachers Union Protection Force), managed to defeat the restorations forces push into Eisenstadt. And their victory was not just a delay of the inevitable. Emperor Mengsk of South Arcea congratulated the EATUPF, and has promised material support for the ragtag force of old professors and school teachers.

A rather odd announcement given the current situation facing the South Arcean emperor. He is currently trapped in his palace with Thensour having fallen to Joseph Hermann’s Shildbroer rebellion. He was last sighted giving rude gestures to the massive crowd of rebels outside his palace demanding he abdicate.
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Unus Solum is the hub for the Airfortress community on dA. Post your art here to show it off to fellow players, keep up to date on the most recent Airfortress and Loaded Dice updates, and see who's joined in on the fun!
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